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Thousands of customers around the country have trusted Barns.com to provide them with the best barns, sheds, and service!  Thank you for making our company the #1 online provider in our industry.

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Quick Shopping Tips To Follow

See Below for custom style metal barns!

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# 1 Tip:  All of our products are listed at their standard sizes.  
Choose a size that is close to what you are looking for.  In order to reduce wasted materials, we build sizes according to the size materials that we buy.  So if you order a weird size, it's likely to be higher than normal because of the wasted material that we have to cut off and throw away!

# 2 Tip:  Save money by going metal.  
No matter what product you are looking for, Barns.com has a number of solutions.  The most affordable and most customizable structures we offer are metal.  We encourage all of our customers to get a quote in both metal and wood.  Metal is more light weight than wood, plus with metal you do not have to worry about rot or termite damage 20 years down the road.  Generally, metal products cost between 30% to 40% less than wood.

# 3 Tip:  Call and work with a certified sales person at Barns.com. 
Because each of our sales staff are highly trained and experienced in the metal and wood industries.  Tell them about your project, your size dimensions, expectations, and overall goals.  Your sales person will be able to supply you with styles, photos, and many different price options.  Don't take the first price you get, shop around with our sales people.  We have so many combinations and options available, it's important to let your sales person know what you are open too and your ideas. Toll free at 888-812-2767.

# 4 Tip:  Take advantage of our coupons.  
Currently we have several coupons for our customers to use when they place their order.  Get a set of our free
Weather Blocker Sides from Barns.com when you place your order.  Simply pay for shipping and handling when you place your order, it's yours 100% free!  Read more about the Weather Blocker Sides.

# 5 Tip:  Free Manufacturers Limited Warranty from Barns.com 
on all metal framed products.  We have been in the steel business for years and we know that very few customers have problems with metal structures.  It is one of the most affordable and durable products on the market for outdoor storage.  The manufacturers warranty that can be up to 20 years!  You have guarantees against rust, fading and structural integrity for many years down the road. 

# 6 Tip:  Request Free Metal Samples
Easily match up metal samples that will best fit your home, backyard or already installed structure.  Don't guess or take chances!  Our metal samples are 100% free of charge and will be shipped out to you the next day.  Call to request metal samples today.

Toll free 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS)

custom metal structure

Metal Barn Picture 222


Metal Barn Picture 223

custom metal barn

Metal Barn Picture 227

steel garage barn

Metal Barn Picture 229

barn with metal porch

Metal Barn Picture 230

steel barn building

Metal Barn Picture 1

metal horse barn

Metal Barn Picture 8

steel building with multiple garages

Metal Barn Picture 20

custom metal building

Metal Barn Picture 36

loafing barn shed

Metal Barn Picture 37


Metal Barn Picture 41

large steel building

Metal Barn Picture 46

horse loafing shed

Metal Barn Picture 50

steel horse barn

Metal Barn Picture 72

metal loafing shed

Metal Barn Picture 81

garage with storage area

Metal Barn Picture 85

metal barn

Metal Barn Picture 89


Metal Barn Picture 94


Metal Barn Picture 116

steel garage

Metal Barn Picture 119

metal barn

Metal Barn Picture 126

metal barns

Metal Barn Picture 129

garage with storage

Metal Barn Picture 141

metal building

Metal Barn Picture 153

steel building

Metal Barn Picture 158

metal building

Metal Barn Picture 163

horse barn

Metal Barn Picture 165

steel barn structure

Metal Barn Picture 197

garage barn

Metal Barn Picture 218

engineered horse barn

Metal Barn Picture 220

metal building

Why Barns.com?

We cover more than 150,000,000 square feet (every year) with barns, horse barns, sheds, outdoor storage, garages, metal buildings, built on site barns and other commercial barn buildings.  We have any option you're looking for, along with the name and brand you can trust.  When you order a product that will last for years, you want a company that will be there for you, support the product you buy and stand behind it.  You can count on Barns.com and our friendly staff to provide A+ service.

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Sizes Available:
Standard Ranges: 8' to 80' Wide
                              21' to 500' Length

Got A Custom Project?  We work with thousands of customers, each project is different.  Leave it to our experts to assist you in finding what will fit your needs.  Call us, we specialize in custom built barns, horse barns, metal barns, metal buildings and other custom built barn buildings.


FREE Solar Barn Light!   
Yes, FREE! 
Barns.com gives each customer a solar powered, easy-to-install, lighting system to put in their barn.  Never have to worry about not seeing inside your barn, starting from day one, you will have an indoor light to find your way inside!  Running power, wiring and burn out light bulbs due to harsh weather are of the past!  The new Barns.com Solar Powered Light will guide your way.  Only free at Barns.com, our gift to you, call for more details.


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Place your order with little as 10% down and pay the remaining balance when your structure has been installed
and you have inspected it to your satisfaction (10% down does not apply to special order). Call today toll free 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS). 

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