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Frequently Asked Questions

Below you will find a complete list of our Frequently Asked Questions!  If there's a question you can't find, be sure to visit our Local Phone Directory or Quick Tips sections.

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steel shopping tips Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Your website is, do you only offer "Barns"?
  2. Is there any type of warranty?
  3. How long does it take to get my order?
  4. Are there any hidden costs, like delivery?
  5. Can I have walk-in doors, garage doors or custom openings?
  6. Is there a different price for different roof styles?
  7. How long will the sheet metal and steel tubing last?
  8. What type of maintenance will I have to do?
  9. Do I have to worry about getting a building permit?
  10. Is the floor included?
  11. Will I have to level the ground when the structure is installed?
  12. Can I save money by ordering from a local builder or 
  13. Can I add on to my structure later? 
  14. Is insulation available for my structure? 
  15. Do you offer barn stalls? 


Q 1: 
Your website is, do you only offer "Barns"? 

A: The simple answer is no, we offer much more than a "barn" like structure. is the factory direct source for almost any type of engineered outdoor structure built of high quality, galvanized steel.  We service the United States offering long-lasting steel products that will last decades.  Building sizes range from 12 feet wide to 80 feet wide, and from 12 feet long to 500 feet long or more.  Whether you are looking for a custom metal garage, an engineered steel building, a horse barn structure or a simple loafing shed - we will be glad to give you a written price guarantee.  Our corporate offices are located inside the galvanized steel tubing factory, and we're more than glad to pass along the savings to you by ordering factory direct from us. Lookup your local number or call us toll free at 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767).  Why go through a local builder when you can go factory direct and cut out the middle man.  View photos our main steel mill (opens new window).



Q 2: 
Is there any type of warranty? 

A: Yes, each manufacturer offers a standard structural integrity warranty.  Because we have offer several different brands and collections of barn products, we suggest you to call us to discuss your specific warranty questions.  All of Certified Structures come with an exceptional warranty you can't get anywhere else!  We stand behind our products, which has caused our company to become the leading retailer for steel structures in the USA.  You may also check our Warranty Information section for more details information.  Lookup your local number or call us toll free at 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767)



Q 3: 
How long does it take to get my order? 

A: Typically our scheduling offices are able to get your structure installed within weeks of your order date, sometimes quicker, sometimes longer. The mass majority of orders are installed within 6 weeks, and is rare for a building to take more than 60 days to be delivered and installed. While we make every effort to install thousands of building each year, there are many times were installation can take longer than normal. Timing your installation can depend on many factors, including but not limited to; your location from interstate corridors or large cities, holidays or special events, and severe weather.

For a better estimated delivery and installation time frame, call our office toll free 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767) or lookup your local number.

Many times delivery and installation will vary due to weather conditions in your local area.  For example, if you get a lot of rain or snow several days in a row, it may be best to wait a week before installing!  It is our top priority to get your structure out and installed to our customers as soon as possible.  The faster we get your structure installed and our customers are satisfied, the quicker you pay us! To lock in a price and get your order started in our factory, simply put down 10% and schedule a install date OR you may place your order on hold for up to 6 months (if a sale is ending, some customers order by putting a down payment down then put it on hold until they are ready for installation).  Feel free to give us a call,  lookup your local number or call us toll free at 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767)



Q 4:  Are there any hidden costs, like delivery?

A:  There are no hidden costs in delivery or pricing. Our structures include delivery and installation when you get your written quote guarantee. Everything except add-on options is included, except tax if applicable.  Add-on options include items such as windows, walk-in doors, garage doors, custom frame-out openings, and etc. Most companies will give you a "drop off" price (we can do also) but it only saves you about 10%. Our trained installers deliver and setup metal structures every day and are less likely to make a mistake as someone would if they were installing it themselves.  If our installers make a mistake, we cover it! If you install it and make a mistake, it's your fault! Delivery and installation is included in all of our written price guarantees, take advantage of it today! 



Q 5:  Can I have walk-in doors, garage doors or custom openings? 

A:  Yes, Yes, and Yes...  All walk-in doors, garage doors, windows, custom framed out openings, and other add-on options can be added and usually located exactly where you want them on your custom order as long as their is room within the size (width or length) of building you are getting a quote on.  If it's not wide or long enough, ask your sales person for a larger building!  We can even accommodate customers who want more than one set of walk-in door or possibly more than one garage door area.  We pride ourselves on helping customers custom order exactly what they want.  Each order that is placed with our company is built as it is ordered.  It's built to your exact specifications for no additional charge!  Get a quote today by calling our factory direct office line at 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS).



Q 6:  Is there a different price for different roof styles? 


A:  Yes.  All of our brands offer three different roof styles.  Regular Style Roof, A-Frame Style Roof, and A-Frame Vertical Style Roofing.  The most economical style metal roofing is our Regular Style Roofing.  It is the least expensive because it uses the least sheet metal cuts and the least amount of labor during the install.  The A-Frame Style Roofing offers (to most customers) a more attractive look.  Our A-Frame Vertical Style Roofing offers the A-Frame style, and installed so that the sheet metal roofing ridges run from the top (peak) of the structure to the side.  This allows rain, snow and other elements (such as leaves, pine needles) to slide off the roof more easily.  See actual pictures of the different roof styles by going to our Barn Roof Styles page. Which roof would best fit for your structure?  For the answer to this question we highly recommend that our customers call and speak with one of our sales persons so that they get an exact answer.   Lookup your local number or call us toll free at 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767)



Q 7:  How long will the sheet metal and steel tubing last? 

A:  Sheet metal paint will last a good twenty to thirty years before it starts to fade.  It is extremely durable and is rust resistant!  Our galvanized steel tubing is rust resistant and certified to last for decades. Unlike wood, galvanized steel tubing requires NO maintenance.  Never worry about staining, mildew, or curing (warping when the wood dries out).  Sheet metal and steel tubing is also resistant to rot, bug/termite resistant, etc...  It's no wonder we sell more structures than any other outdoor structure company!  Give us a call toll free 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS).



Q 8:  What type of maintenance will I have to do? 

A:  The good news is the products you order from will be fine for decades without doing anything.  Enjoy the benefits of an affordable engineered steel structure!



Q 9:  Do I have  to worry about getting a building permit? 

A: does not obtain a building permit for customers.  It is up to our customers to order a building permit (only if necessary or required by your local building codes). All of our certified structures come with engineered drawings guaranteed to pass for your county/city building codes or you get a full refund for your building (except the down payment which is non-refundable when you place your order).  To play it safe, call your local permitting office to find out if it is required to get a building permit for the size structure you are building.  Often, if it's "farm" use, a building permit will not be required, by again this varies by area.  Some customers do not worry about a building permit and get one later if they are required to do so by the county -, Inc does not offer any advice on this and leaves it solely up to the customer, though our certified structures will meet your local building codes without any problem.



Q 10:  Is the floor included?   

A:  The floor is not including on our structures.  This is because most all customers have different plans for floors.  Some customers want concrete, some want a wood floor, and some want gravel or just ground.  Some of our small storage buildings do have the option for a wood floor, call and ask.  If you need help finding a concrete supplier, call and we may able to offer you a few suggestions or just do the concrete work yourself!  If you are pouring concrete, the slab should be 3/4" wider and 1' shorter in length in most cases (call for exact measurements for your specific structure). Order your structure ahead of time so that once you get your desired floor choice ready - we will be ready to come out and install the structure for you!  Call toll free 888-812-2767 or look up your local barn dealer number using our contact directory.


Q 11:  Will I have to level the ground when the structure is installed? 

A:  Yes, our delivery and installation crews will not level the ground for your structure.  Because delivery and installation is already included, we do not bring out equipment to do grading or leveling of your land.  If your land is not completely level, it may be okay.  Please call one of our certified barn specialist and ask them questions about your specific project.  Call our factory direct toll free at 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS).


Q 12:  Can I save money by ordering from a local builder or 

A:  It is easy for us to say you will save more money by ordering from because you are reading this on our website, but honestly is the factory direct retail store.  Our corporate offices are located inside the galvanized steel tubing factory.  We are your factory direct source and most likely will be able to save you money on your structure. has the volume and massive buying power in materials, which saves you money.  Often, local builders or local dealers you see along side the road are the middle man, selling for companies like us.  Why involve a middle man when you can order factory direct through  Plus, you know we are going to be here down the road if you ever need to add onto your structure or have a question.  Give us a call today and work with one of our factory trained barn specialist for your area, toll free 888-812-2767 or Look Up Your Local Number in our contact directory.


Q 13:  Can I add on to my structure later? 

A:  Yes!  In fact, we often take add-on orders to customers structures.  Our structures are engineered with your needs in mind. Most likely, even if you order a larger size than you think you will need, years down the road you may outgrow it.  You dont have to worry about selling your building or finding someone who can carefully match up the same colors and same engineering style...  Give us a call back and we'll be happy to come back out and add-on to your structure. You will always have piece of mind when working with  We have been in business and successfully providing engineered structures nationwide to customers like you for over a decade... and we don't plan on going anywhere!  As our slogan states, ", Your Trusted Source, Covering All Your Needs...".  Get a written quote on your custom metal barn, metal building or steel shed today.


Q 14:  Is insulation available for my structure? 

A:  Yes!  We offer M2M Insulated Vapor Barrier with every structure as an add-on option. If you are considering adding insulation to your structure, feel free to use our free Insulation Calculator on our website.


Q 15:  Do you offer barn stalls? 

A:  No...  We do not offer a standard barn stall but upon request we can do a custom metal frame out in the structure and make multiple custom size framed-out openings on any side of your structure.  We specialize in engineering the structure and building a quality building for our customers.  The finishing touches such as a door for your horse or other livestock can be installed easily after we install your structure.  If you looking for a standard 12x12 stall, don't sweat it... You can find many options for add-on stalls online and can often get ideas from our certified barn specialist at our factory (Toll free 888-812-2767).  Save by ordering your barn structure from, then add your personalized "finishing" touches yourself... it will pay off ordering factory direct!


At, we have grown through the years by helping our customers.  Not just selling them any old product so we can make a sale.  It is important to our owners that each of our sales persons get to know what your project is, what you need and that every single customer is the most satisfied customer.  By doing this, we have been able to grow our companies and service over 22,000 customers a year.  We are doing something right, give us a try and we will prove it to you too.

Toll free at 888-81-BARNS (888-812-2767)
Lookup your local phone directory.


We cover more than 150,000,000 square feet (every year) with barns, horse barns, sheds, outdoor storage, garages, metal buildings, built on site barns and other commercial barn buildings.  We have any option you're looking for, along with the name and brand you can trust.  When you order a product that will last for years, you want a company that will be there for you, support the product you buy and stand behind it.  You can count on and our friendly staff to provide A+ service.

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Sizes Available:
Standard Ranges: 8' to 80' Wide
                              21' to 500' Length

Got A Custom Project?  We work with thousands of customers, each project is different.  Leave it to our experts to assist you in finding what will fit your needs.  Call us, we specialize in custom built barns, horse barns, metal barns, garages, metal buildings and other custom built barn buildings.


FREE Solar Barn Light!   
Yes, FREE! gives each customer a solar powered, easy-to-install, lighting system to put in their barn.  Never have to worry about not seeing inside your barn, starting from day one, you will have an indoor light to find your way inside!  Running power, wiring and burn out light bulbs due to harsh weather are of the past!  The new Solar Powered Light will guide your way.  Only free at, our gift to you, call for more details. Featured Brands... 

TNT Metal Barns  American Steel Buildings  Coast to Coast Metal Structures




Place your order with little as 10% down and pay the remaining balance when your structure has been installed
and you have inspected it to your satisfaction (10% down does not apply to special order). Call today toll free 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS). 

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