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Thousands of customers around the country have trusted Barns.com to provide them with the best barns, sheds, and service!  Thank you for making our company the #1 online provider in our industry.

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Wood Barns

Due to many reasons, Barns.com no longer offers wood products.  Costs being #1.  Wood is simply to expensive compared to our engineered steel products, not to mention they are high maintenance for customers to own.

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With wood, you have to paint or stain, and re-apply year after year, as well as make sure your building is level constantly so that doors open properly.  With our metal products, you simply don't have to worry about any maintenance at all. 

Check out photos our customer, K. Anderson, sent us of her wood barn structure she bought locally.  She is now looking to Barns.com for her needs for an affordable steel structure.

wood pole barn collapse       wooden barn fallen collapse

wood structure collapse       collapsed barn

wood barn collapse

Barns.com steel buildings use galvanized steel, but are still affordable to meet your budget...  Toll free 888-812-2767.

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Most people who think about wood may have never considered a steel product because they think of the popular 1980's aluminum, often "flimsy" outdoor shed that your grandparents had.  We do not carry those products.  Check out our photo galleries, virtual tours (for an inside view) and our new metal videos sections.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the quality, the attractive look, strong features, durability and you can't beat the price. (prices all include delivery and installation for free except for a wide webbed truss structure that requires a dedicated tractor trailer)

Toll Free at 888-81-BARNS

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When it comes to protecting your garden equipment and other home items from the elements outside, not just any barn will work.  Each brand we carry at Barns.com Inc is personally inspected by our owners and goes through a series of checks and balances to make sure they are the ideal choice for our customers.  Taking into consideration price, good quality, delivery and installation areas and most important, customer service before and after the sale.  All of our products built using galvanized steel tubing, which are engineered and treated against rust, termites and rot as well.  

As our slogan states, "Your trusted source, covering all your needs", we have over fifteen outdoor storage manufacturer choices to choose from.  

Toll Free at 888-81-BARNS

Barns.com, Your source for metal barnsBetween the brands we offer, we have these popular features:

  Meets Ground Snow & Wind Loads

  From 12' to 80' Wide; From 12' - 200' Long

  Your Choice of Siding, Roof and Trim Colors

  Placement of Optional Walk-in Doors, Garage Doors and Windows 

  Industry Standard Warranties

  Affordable Custom Metal Structures Upon Request

Why Barns.com?

We cover more than 150,000,000 square feet (every year) with barns, horse barns, sheds, outdoor storage, garages, metal buildings, built on site barns and other commercial barn buildings.  We have any option you're looking for, along with the name and brand you can trust.  When you order a product that will last for years, you want a company that will be there for you, support the product you buy and stand behind it.  You can count on Barns.com and our friendly staff to provide A+ service.

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Sizes Available:
Standard Ranges: 8' to 80' Wide
                              21' to 500' Length

Got A Custom Project?  We work with thousands of customers, each project is different.  Leave it to our experts to assist you in finding what will fit your needs.  Call us, we specialize in custom built barns, horse barns, metal barns, metal buildings and other custom built barn buildings.


FREE Solar Barn Light!   
Yes, FREE! 
Barns.com gives each customer a solar powered, easy-to-install, lighting system to put in their barn.  Never have to worry about not seeing inside your barn, starting from day one, you will have an indoor light to find your way inside!  Running power, wiring and burn out light bulbs due to harsh weather are of the past!  The new Barns.com Solar Powered Light will guide your way.  Only free at Barns.com, our gift to you, call for more details.


Barns.com Featured Brands... 

TNT Metal Barns  American Steel Buildings  Coast to Coast Metal Structures



Place your order with little as 10% down and pay the remaining balance when your structure has been installed
and you have inspected it to your satisfaction (10% down does not apply to special order). Call today toll free 888-812-2767 (888-81-BARNS). 

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